Hello all Members and Friends of the Ontario Friesian Horse Association,

Please be reminded we have a virtual meeting by Zoom this coming Saturday, April 24 at 2:00 pm. I hope many of you will log in and join the meeting. Maximum duration is 2 hours. To receive the link please send an e-mail to Jack

I have copied the following comments and instructions from the Newsletter of our neighbouring Chapter in Michigan. I believe it may be of interest to many of our members. Thanks goes to the Michigan group for this.

·    For our breeders – FHANA has put out a very informative video that is worth watching FHANA Breeding Webinar

·    For those preparing to have your horses inspected this fall – FHANA has put out several webinars on preparing your horses. They feature Petra Zeelen from the Netherlands. We encourage you to watch these. There will be more published in the future. Click on the 2 links to watch them!
Preparing your horse for the inspection part 1
Preparing your horse for the inspection part 2

·    All 3 links to the FHANA webinars lead you to the description page which if you then scroll down a little, there will be a link that says “watch here”. If you click on that link you will get to view the webinar.