Anne Okkema is coming!

We have a great opportunity to learn from Anne Okkema.

Anne will buy levitra online overnight delivery be at the farm of Jon Steenbeek on March 9 and 10th. Anne is a great driver of Friesian horses and is very well known thru the Netherlands and around the world.

He is offering to give driving instructions to our members. Anne will be charging $80. For a 45 min lesson.

You must schedule a time with Jon Steenbeek prior to March 9th.

If we have enough interest he is willing to do a lecture for us on driving Friesian horses.

Please let either Jon Steenbeek or Brenda Bradshaw know if you have any interest in attending.

Once again the dates are March 9th and 10th at the farm of Jon Steenbeek times to be determined once we know how many would like to attend.

You can contact Jon at:
Or Brenda at:

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